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Basic of ICT

Basic of ICT

Monday, February 15, 2010

Visualize Your Best Self

Developing a clear image of your potential begins as you face the reality of your experiences, take off the masks that may be used to create false impressions, and seriously consider the praise and criticism from those who you know you well. As you reflect on the masks you found yourself using,think about what you were trying to accomplish with the pretense or role playing. As you reflect on the praise and criticism, think about the changes in your personality that might eliminate the criticism and bring even more praise. it will help to take notes. As ideas for self-improvement occur to you,jot them down.

Another good way to visualise your potential is by using a technique that psychotherapists call imaging. this is a deliberate effort to imagine your renewed and improved personality. Find a quiet,pleasant place where you can relax. take your time but do not try to hurry. Close your eyes and search your mind for images of yourself doing what gives you satisfaction. If there are sources of distress in your life, try to imahine what might relieve the distress.

If you follow these suggestion,you should be able to produce a list of notes about the various personalqualities and characteristics you would like to develop. Review and organize these ideas into a profile of your improved personality.

A term for the process of growing to reach your greatest potential is self-actualization. This does not culminate in a final achievement of your potential. You should not assume that you will ever be able to sit back and rest in your self-improvement efforts. Rather, you must expect to reassess and redefine your success identity as you move ahead in you life. You will neeed to keep working to maintain your self-esteem. YOur success identity will evolve and be renewed as you grow to become the best that you can be.

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