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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. My name is Mohamad Haidi B. Mohd Shaharudin,this year i'll be 20.Biologically mix of chinese and malay (1 Malaysia) =). i'm number 6 out of 7 siblings. My family lives moderately. I got my first education in St Joseph when i was 6. Then continued to SRJK (c) CHUNG HUA KPNS. I was a naughty boy, like bully and always fighting. I learnt to change and be a better guy when I was at SMJK CHUNG HUA KPNS. I was very active in school. I always participated in many programs and had been a representative in competitions. After finished form 5, I joined National Service for 3 months. I was a trainee of 1st group 5th series in Rachado Bay Camp,Blue Lagoon Malacca. My result in SPM bring me into UiTM, I took Diploma in Business Studies (Insurance) after tried for form 6 in one month at Tuanku Muhammad School. After 3 semesters in Diploma,I've found that I was learning many things in campus life. Gratefully, then I offered to further in BBA (Hons)(Insurance) through fast track program. Now i'm in second semester at UiTM Malacca City Campus. Ready to learn everything about life. Best Quotation: Success in this world and hereafter. Amin...

Basic of ICT

Basic of ICT

Monday, February 15, 2010

Know Your Self

Develop Self-esteem

When you dislike yourself,you have low self-esteem. However, having imperfections in your personality should not cause you to lose self-respect. Everyone has faults and imperfections. just as you can respect and like your friends who may not be perfect in every way,you should be able to like yourself just as you are.

Self-esteem is result of "power of positive thinking". It can make you more humble,since recognizing your own worth can make you more aware of the worth of others. Self-esteem is an appreciation of your special gifts and your value as a human being, and a desire to both be y our best and achieve your potential. Focus on the good,and try to improve what is weak. people with the most self-esteem are the most likely to be working to improve themselves. they understand that liking themselves is not about competing with others, but about caring for themselves and pursuing what is good for them.

Accepting responsibility for your actions is another key aspect of self-esteem. if you try to blame someone else for your actions,or if you feel sorry for yourself, or label yourself as failure, it is unlikely you will be ever experience a strong sense of self-esteem. if you do something wrong,apologise and try to make it right. try to learn from the situation, and try to do better next time. but don't give up on yourself.

Sometimes things happen to you that are beyond your control. At those times, you are only responsible for your reaction. Accept the experience as real, face it, and tell yourself, " i'm still worth caring about."

There is an important distinction between bring a person who has weaknesses and areas that need improvement,and being a faulty person.when you can appreciate the good in your personality,even with a clear view of your faults and inadequacies, and can genuinely like yourself, you are ready to move ahead in planning and working to develop a personality that represents the best you can be which with even higher self-esteem.

Face and Accept Reality

People often avoid facing and accepting reality in order to maintain a false,unrealistic self-image. They may hide from reality,ignoring experiences that are inconsistent with their self-image. Or they may refuse to accept actions or events as being real.

Trouble begins when something happens that is in conflict with an aspect of your self-image that you feel is important. your inner self is offended. your self-esteem is threatened. This behavior is something that you would not expect of a person such as yourself. as a result, kind of tension grows inside you. If the conflict is extremely offensive to your self-esteem, you may blame yourself for allowing it to happen.

When something happens in conflict with your self-image, it is natural to try to ignore it.Here is why. If you can pretend that the event did not actually happen or convince yourself that it was not as it seemed to be, your self-image can be protected temporarily. You convince yourself that the real you had nothing to do with the event. However, this creates a serious problem. Using this strategy causes a buildup of psychological stress. The more you use this kind of pretense, the greater will be the stress you will have to endure.

You must learn to recognise and accept your experiences as real. Then your self-image will not be in conflict with your life experiences. You will know and like your inner self. Your tension and conflict with realitywill disappear. At the same time, the barriers to building your self-esteem will also disappear.

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